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Starting from the renovation of an old sheperd’s house, and henceforth 3 stars lodge, we welcome you in the heart of the Asturian mountain, an outstanding place, isolated amidst a rich and preserved nature.


We will be happy to share with you our daily rural activities: chicken, sheep and horse care, garden and orchard maintenance… And all this, in the midst of the preserved nature and the discreet omnipresence of our neighbors the wild animals, fox, boar, bear, pine marten, stone marten, genet, polecat, badger, forest cat, weasel, emotion of an instant or a moment, among the apple trees, the walls, green oaks or prairie…

We propose savory home cooking based on local and organic products, some originating from our own production ( honey, fruits, vegetables )

A peaceful cohabitation to discover and live with us!