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In this exceptional and preserved nature, we organise naturalist stays for small groups ( 5 to 8 people) based on the theme of predators ( bear, wolf, wild cat ) and large raptors ( eagle, vulture)
Feel free to contact us for personalised, custom-made stays.

Bears, wolves, genets, wild cat, 6 species of Mustelidae family- weasel, ermine, badger, marten, beech marten, otter- isards, species of Cervidae  family, raptors- griffon vulture, egyptian vulture, peregrine falcon, golden eagle, goshawk, short-toed eagle, botted-eagle, buzzard, honey buzzard- are on the spot and regularly observed around the house and in the near-by area!

The fully equipped logde can be rented on its own.
The lodge contains 4 double-rooms and a single room for a total of 9 people maximum.

Being a group of friends, a family, an association, a wild-life photografer, a botanist, a hiker…Feel free to contact us for a personalised estimate, a specific naturalist program, a precise resaerch on a specific species…